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Explore the strategies and insights essential for building a trusted status in the crypto industry.

A survey of over 16,000 global participants finds 50% of people are itching to invest in cryptocurrencies, but want to ensure that their assets are well looked after. Exchanges have had a turbulent time in terms of reputation and user trust since the fall out of FTX and a high-risk threat landscape.

Ensure that your exchange holds competitive advantage and remains ahead of the curve. Read this report to discover the intricacies of trust-building in the world of crypto.


Key findings:

  • Surging interest and engagement: The crypto market is experiencing rapid growth, with increasing investor interest, particularly those among younger demographics.

  • Challenges to mass adoption: Despite the growth, there are significant barriers to the adoption of cryptocurrencies including regulation and specific security concerns.

  • Building trust and confidence: Crypto exchanges must build trust by supporting robust security measures and advocating for reasonable regulations.



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