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Securing the Future of Cryptocurrencies

2022 was a tough year for crypto. Total market capitalisation crashed by an estimated 50%, and losses to cybercrime reached nearly $4 billion. However, in 2023, 15 years after the launch of Bitcoin, crypto prices are on the rise, there are growing applications of blockchain innovation, and the regulatory landscape continues to mature.

Commissioned by Coincover, the blockchain protection company, Securing the Future of Cryptocurrencies is an analysis of crypto reputation, barriers to mass adoption, and why building confidence is key to crypto's future.

The report includes:

  • results of one of the most extensive global surveys, uncovering attitudes towards cryptocurrencies from around the world

  • commentary and insights experts, trade bodies, infrastructure providers and more

  • recommendations to ensure the future security and growth of the blockchain industry

Providing a valuable overview of the cryptocurrency industry and its prospects for mass adoption. This report is essential reading for the crypto-curious and those building innovative solutions for a growing market.

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